These days, everyone’s on some kind of social media. But how can you turn all those likes and retweets into sales and conversions? Today’s guest post from Synccentric‘s Gabe Nelson has some great tips from getting more sales from social.

-T. W. Seller

Using social media to help boost your business is a great idea. There’s a lot of ways to interact with current and future customers in more personal ways than relying on a contact form or email. You’ll be able to see how your products or services are being used in their daily lives and help solve problems more quickly if customers have increased access to contacting you.

Sometimes business owners are left with a lot of questions about how to convert traffic gained from social media marketing into sales. It’s a valid question and there are tactics you can use to help increase your conversion rate from social media. There’s a lot of advice available to you from SEO agencies and social media marketing pros, which is great.

If you aren’t sure how to get the most out of your social media posts you are in good company. It’s not common knowledge because it takes a special touch to make social media as effective as possible. Everyone needs a few pointers on how to make social media work. Here are five helpful ways to increase your conversion rate with social media.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page

Your social media audience is a specialized group of your target audience for advertising efforts. Not only are you going to be interacting with them with greater ease (and probably a lot more often) you also need to plan for them visiting your website a little more effectively. They’re going to be finding your page because of your social media posts.

A huge amount of your audience on social media is interacting with you from their mobile device. That means your webpage needs to be optimized with a mobile device user in mind. In the US alone, 61% of social media users access their favorite platforms from a mobile app instead of a desktop site.

Make sure your site is easy to use no matter who visits it, regardless of their device type. If your device isn’t mobile-friendly your potential customers are just going to find another site with a similar product that is. They don’t want to have to beg to spend their money with you so keep them in mind and optimize your landing page for mobile users as soon as possible.

2. Use Imaginative Calls To Action

If you’ve ever posted on your social media accounts and wanted people to visit your website you’ve probably directed them to your profile or bio to find your link. This is one example of a call to action on social media but it’s the most basic option available. It’s not imaginative and it’s often a call to action that people will ignore.

Using the phrase “link in bio” has even been linked to a decrease in views on Instagram as there’s growing evidence that they are penalizing the link in bio phrase in their algorithm. It’s a statement that has been so overused that social media sites now view it as spam instead of a truly creative and engaging post.

Instead of using a basic call to action change things up to avoid getting flagged as spam, and to keep your audience interested. You can create a hashtag specific to your service or product and ask customers to show off their purchase. You can have your followers tag a friend that would love what you sell. There are plenty of creative options out there so don’t resort to basic worn out calls to action on your social media accounts.

3. Create Videos For Your Posts

Your social media posts should feature a variety of formats. You can post just a quick update with text only, or a more elaborate post with an image. Both are valid options but neither of those formats is going to gain as much attention and engagement as a video post. Create posts with videos relevant to your product to get the maximum amount of attention possible.

Posts with videos are 1200% more likely to be shared than plain text posts and posts with images combined. You can make product demo videos, DIY videos, or tutorials. It’s all about what makes sense for your product/brand and what works for you. Don’t miss out on this huge amount of potential traffic. Get at least a few videos together that you can add to posts regularly.

4. Make Your Posts Extremely Enticing

Social media apps are built with the idea that people are going to scroll (often mindlessly) through their newsfeed at a pretty quick clip. That means your posts need to be enticing if you’re going to get them to stop scrolling and read what you have to say. An impression on your post doesn’t mean anything if it’s not a post anyone stopped to read.

Use well-formatted text that’s easy to read. Use images and emojis to grab attention. If you post a video make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching. Whatever you can do to make your post stand out is worth the extra effort on your part. Don’t let your posts get lost in your followers’ feed. Make them as enticing as you can to grab their attention easily.

5. Be Very Consistent

Your social media posts and everything else your customer sees (your website, emails, etc) should be consistent. Don’t represent yourself as quirky on social media if your overall brand is a high-end very expensive product. You’re going to be sending people to your website and they won’t be expecting a luxury brand until they see your site.

If customers get the wrong idea about what to expect from your product or service until they see your site they’re much less likely to make a purchase. It gives the impression of being unpredictable which isn’t something many customers want from a product or service they’re going to be buying. Be consistent to get the most out of your social media efforts.


If you use these tips you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate using your social media accounts. It’s an easy way to reach new customers and it doesn’t have to be too overwhelming. Just keep what you’ve read in mind and make a few adjustments to how you post on social media. The changes will all be worth the effort when you start to see those higher sales numbers coming in.

This guest post was written by Gabe Nelson of Synccentric.