Hillary DePiano AvatarAbout Hillary DePiano

Hillary DePiano was a teenager with a dial-up modem when she started her ecommerce business in the mid-90s. As she moved from message boards to marketplaces, she quickly became a volume seller on eBay, earning PowerSeller and Top Rated rankings while serving as a Trading Assistant for clients throughout NJ and beyond. Nearly two decades later, she’s sold just about everything, sold it just about everywhere and built her part-time selling into a full time income across multiple-platforms.

As The Whine Seller, Hillary shares her strategies for selling success on topics like self-publishing, social media, marketing, productivity and other life hacks. A regular guest on eBay Radio, Hillary was one of the first Social Media Sellers named by the official eBay Ink Blog in 2010 for her lively social media presence. Author of the Amazon bestseller Beyond Amazon, eBay, and Etsy as well as The Seller Ledger: An Auction Organizer for Selling on eBay, Hillary wrote Sell Their Stuff as a successor to 2008’s The Trading Assistant’s Assistant.

Outside of her seller persona, Hillary is a toy collector and playwright best known for her bestselling adaptation of Carlo Gozzi’s The Love of Three Oranges, which has been performed throughout the world. She’s also the author of the award winning novella, The Author, as well as Daddy Issues (one-act play), The Love of Three Oranges (one-act version), the holiday comedies Polar Twilight and New Year’s Thieve, and two collecting guides for the Collector’s Inventory series from Priced Nostalgia Press.

For more information about her books, plays and blogs or to connect via social media, find Hillary DePiano at HillaryDePiano.com.