T. W. Seller

T. W. Seller started selling online in the mid-90s as a teenager with a dial-up modem. Now more than two decades later, Seller’s sold just about everything and sold it just about everywhere. From navigating Amazon’s ever-changing e-commerce jungle to earning PowerSeller and Top Rated rankings as an eBay Trading Assistant and high volume seller, T. W. Seller has a wealth of e-commerce knowledge and experience to share about selling almost anything online.

On TheWhineSeller.com, T. W. Seller shares strategies for selling success on topics like publishing, promotion, productivity and other life hacks for today’s e-commerce entrepreneur. A regular guest on the original eBay Radio, she was also one of the first Social Media Sellers named by the official eBay Ink Blog for her lively social media presence. As a speaker and author, Seller has connected with sellers and writers from around the world as in expert panels, talks and workshops and through her books about e-commerce and beyond.

T. W. Seller also writes fiction and plays as Hillary DePiano.

For more information about books, articles and more, visit T. W. Seller online at TheWhineSeller.com.