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increase sales and grow traffic to your eBay items by encouraging word of mouth, focusing on your ideal buyers, and optimizing your selling for search and mobile

by Hillary DePiano

You want to sell more. You want more traffic, more buyers, more money… but there’s a lot of noise about promotion out there. Who has time to wade through all of it for tips that apply to the unique quirks of selling on eBay? eBay Marketing Makeover is the first marketing book designed just for eBay by a real seller who’s been selling on the platform since 1997. It isn’t some one-size-fits-all marketing monster, just a guide tailored specifically to those of us selling with auctions or fixed price listings on the eBay marketplace. Better yet, it’s a guide respectful of your time—a quick read crafted in plain English so you don’t have to wade through buzzwords and fluffed-up fancy terms and can get back to the business of selling.

Feel like you’re wasting your time blasting out links and tweets to your listings or store? It’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture of your selling business. Giving your eBay selling a Marketing Makeover won’t just increase word of mouth, repeat buyers, and the discoverability of your items by optimizing them for search engines and mobile platforms. It will also amplify the effect of your every future promotional effort, exponentially increasing your reach. Once you’ve targeted your ideal customer, you can grow the business you already have and help new buyers find you on their own without wasting your precious time with mindless social media time suck.

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