Even with all the changes, there are still a few things either about the feedback system or that buyers do that drive me nuts!

#3. Feedback that reads like this, “We are the #1 seller of DVDs. Visit DVDeBaySeller’s store for good deals!”
This is a crime that sellers inflict on buyers. Don’t advertise in my feedback profile! Your feedback is supposed to be a reflection of how I am as a buyer. Even if you want to use a general message, keep it simple. A blatant ad like this is just trashy and unprofessional.

#2 Sellers who don’t leave you feedback until you leave them feedback.
Before they changed the feedback system, I do understand that there were reasons to do this but under the new rules, there is no reason in the world that you shouldn’t be able to leave me feedback the second I pay and my end of the sale is done. What reason can you possibly have for waiting? Even if I leave you a negative, it’s not like you can retaliate because eBay has banned sellers from leaving negatives AND bans you for leaving a negative message in a positive feedback. This is just a common courtesy thing to me and when a seller doesn’t leave me feedback after I have paid, I find myself thinking them petty.

#1 A buyer leaves a negative about the product, not your service.
I have been on my soapbox before about this. I call this, “Nice plate, but I wish it could fly!” This happens very often. Example: I sell a sealed copy of a video game and then get a negative feedback that says, “Game was too hard. I couldn’t beat the big boss.” How exactly is that my problem? I am not the game designer! This is just people not understanding the feedback system at its most basic and it drives me nuts.

So what irks you about the feedback system?