So I’m not going to analyze the differences between the old and new eBay stores because Online Success Institute has done a fantastic, screenshot heavy post doing just that and I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.

But I am going to take a moment to say that I really like the changes and this is coming from someone who hates the new My eBay and new Item Page both. I think the new stores a not only slick but they showcase the items much better and give everything a classier look.

For those of you that immediately spent the whole day that these changes were announced complaining about the changes, I recommend getting some kind of hobby. Yes, it’s fun to knock every change eBay makes. Heck, I’ve built a blog around that. But at some point you need to sit back and a be objective enough to admit when something actually isn’t that bad.

I know, complaining is fun. And one you get in the habit of complaining, it’s hard to get out of it. But seriously, chill.