I have written about ScribeFire QuickAds before on this blog. I am a big fan of ScribeFire itself but their attempt to monetize the plugin with the QuickAds advertising service has thus far left me underwhelemed.

While they are trying to put a good spin on it, I cannot help but feel like this email they just sent out is the death knell for the program:

Valued ScribeFire Publishers,

We are reaching out to you to let you know that we are in the process of revamping our ScribeFire QuickAds monetizing feature.

As of now, we will put our banner and intext ads on hold as we put together our resources and creativity to provide you with an improved monetizing product.

Your business has been valued up through this point and we hope we can count on it when our improved Beta is released.

Please go ahead and remove any QuickAds advertisements you are currently running of ours on your blogs. You will be paid for all your remaining earnings through this point.

Thank you for your continued business and enthusiasm for ScribeFire!

The ScribeFire Team

Lot’s of programs “revamp” without making you delete all ads. Are they handling this awkwardly or is this the end of this little experiment?