Third Party provider Vendio (who also owns Andale) hit one out of the park today with their announcement of their new selling platform.

I haven’t had my preview of the service yet (I am scheduled to speak with them tomorrow for my demo) but a few other people have already took a look and have some great things to say.

Some interesting articles I recommend reading to get an overview are:

I am throwing these two user reviews up there because they are two sellers on very different scales. ColderICE represents the huge selling power that is 3rdPowerOutlet while RedInkDiary is only Henrietta who has a very different business. ColderICE is very pre-eBay, Henrietta is very anti-eBay, pro-Bonanzle, though both run webstores. They are also very different businesses on very different scales. They both really liked what they saw but for completely different reasons so I think they speak to different types of sellers between the two of them.

I am not sure what I’ll be able to add to this dicussion tomorrow after I get my preview but if I have anything meaningful to say, I will let you know! 😉

Either way, Vendio’s timing is amazing. Coming out with this exciting program right after all the trouble with “competitor” (can a free service compete with a paid service?) Auctiva when many people are looking for a new tool is going to serve them very well.