So maybe you took the summer off or maybe sales have just stagnated a bit lately. Either way, you need to get buyers back into your store to buy some of that great merchandise you have in there and start to kick off the holiday sales season. But how do you get buyers through your virtual doors?

Here are 5 quick and easy things you can do to put your store back on the map:

  1. Offer a sale, promotion or other additional offer. Buyers love value (even if it is only perceived). Running a sale or promotion is more likely to get a buyer to check out your store than they would be on a regular day because they are anticipating a good deal. Can’t do a straight sale right now? How about a “buy any 3 items and your whole order ships free” promotion or a “free mousepad with every order” offer? Get creative with what you offer. Buyers love to get something for nothing just as much as they love discounts.
  2. Add some new inventory. Even adding a few new inventory items can bring in buyers. Once they are there, they will be more likely to check out your existing inventory, especially if they’d been eying it up before and forgot about it.
  3. Do a marketing push. Send out an email blast or other mailing or just issue a press release. It can be easy to come up with excuses to make your store seems newsworthy by tapping into current events. Sometimes buyer simply forget you exist. Remind them with a quick note.
  4. Run a contest. Contests are easy, cheap and a great marketing tool. (See also: How to run a Twitter contest)
  5. Present old items in a new way. Tweak titles. Retake photos. Anything that makes people who have looked at your inventory 100s of times see it in a new light. Offer combo packages or new ways of selling your old items. Shaking things up a little can bring in new buyers and help you to find better ways to sell your items.

Want to share what works for you? Please do so below.