I mean, seriously, I’m not reading any blogs right now, I’m way too busy with holiday stuff. I’m willing to bet the same applies to you.

Even if I do see a post I want to read, I simply bookmark it for later rather than drop everything and read it now.

And long posts? Don’t even get me started. I set out to read many a post and, seeing its long, just bookmark it for later. I don’t have that kind of time, people, I have stuff to sell, gifts to buy, etc!

I’ve been trying to write a few posts this month even though I’m busy and it feels like a total waste of time because I’m pretty sure everyone is too busy to do much reading.

So I am making this post super short in the hopes that you may actually read this and I want to know…

  • What are your blog reading habits during a really busy month like this?
  • Are you reading but just don’t have time to comment?

Thanks for taking a second to reply, I am really curious!