At one time I had a Friendster account. I had a account. I’ve probably been signed up at one time or another at every new social networking type site.

This is because I like to stay abreast of what is out there and because I don’t want to miss a marketing opportunity.

I have a MySpace account. I actually have two because MySpace was missing the simple features that Facebook gives me to separate my real life from my public, online life. (I want to be able to market and network without having to compromise my ability to use the tools to socialize. Is that so much to ask?)

But I haven’t logged into MySpace for well over a year. If I still even have a Friendster or Classmates account, they’ve been dormant for far longer. I don’t like having inactive accounts lying around, I would much rather delete them or cancel my registration.

But MySpace used to be the hottest thing on the block. Before it became booty call world and was totally out classed and out coded by Facebook, it was my go-to social site for all its flaws. But even the friends I chatted with on MySpace all moved to Facebook and we never looked back.

So, OK, my personal site is a dead zone but I should leave a my “professional” MySpace page up, right? After all, you don’t want to shut out any means for customers to reach you and you never know when MySpace may make a comeback.

This has been my logic for a long while but I often feel like this is flawed logic. Isn’t a MySpace page just a distraction, a false trail that may lead people to follow me thinking they are getting the latest news about me when actually they are following a dead trail. Isn’t it just a red herring that makes people who are interested in my updates and my products think they are following me when their follow would be of more use to me on another site.

I pose this question to all of you. At some point, many of us had MySpace pages. Do you still have a MySpace page or did you delete it?

Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t delete my MySpace account below (or one good reason that I should)!

Is there value in keeping an account on any site that has already “played out”?