I am long overdue on a post about DISQUS, the comment system that I use on all of my blogs and absolutely LOVE. I owe you a more thorough review and overview on that service soon.

But I’ve been experiencing some strange spam through their comment system I wanted to point out today. Here is a screenshot that I took earlier from my Twitter account.

All four of those posts came through Disqus and all four are from the same post from this blog (this one). At first glance, those look like intelligent comments on the article, right? Except that they are just copy and paste excerpts from my post. The link in the post takes you back to The Whine Seller, no funny business there.

Now I was able to delete the comments from the post using Disqus’ comment moderation system. But these four tweets are still public for the world of Twitter to see.

This spam strikes me as odd. After all, aren’t I weirdly getting more benefit from this spam than the spammer? Curiosity may cause you (or me for that matter) to click on the account that tweeted the link but the retweeted username AND the link given are mine. So they are basically spamming my link for me. That’s… weird.

Now I usually follow anyone who retweets me so that may be their game but even so, it seems like a lot of work to just get me to follow a spam account. What do the spammers gain from this?

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because it was, frankly, odd. Have you been experiencing anything like this? What do you think the spammers are gaining from this strategy?