I’ve been looking for an easy way to do this for ages so I’m really excited to have found an option that actually works how I need it to.

There are plenty of applications that let you automatically update your Facebook profile status with your Twitter updates but updating the status of your Facebook page was a bigger challenge… until now. The biggest problem was the most apps out there that had the capacity to update your page status would also update your profile status at the same time which I did not want. I wanted it to update my Page status and ONLY my page status.

On top of that, I’m the admin for 6 different Facebook Pages and 8 different Twitter accounts. I needed a way to have the correct Twitter accounts update the right Facebook Pages all while leaving my profile the heck alone. A tall order, right?

Check out the slick Facebook app called, appropriately Smart Twitter for Pages. It lets you easily import multiple Twitter accounts to multiple different Facebook pages. Set-up is simple and just works perfectly which is really all I ask.

Take a look at how it works on my Facebook Page below. Look at the gray text beneath each update. The ones that say, “via Smart Twitter for Pages” are coming directly from my Twitter account.

Advantages of Smart Twitter for Pages:

  • It works!
  • Free and easy!
  • It works independent of your Facebook profile.
  • Lets you match multiple Twitter accounts with multiple Facebook pages.
  • Only imports relevant statuses. Meaning, it filters out all the messages that don’t really translate on Facebook. Which means retweets, any post with a hashtag or any post that mentions an @name automatically doesn’t post. I really like this feature. It takes out all the clutter that doesn’t make sense to Facebook only users and only posts the normal statuses. No Follow Friday or Facebook chats clogging up your Facebook page.


  • Only allows one Twitter account per Facebook page. (I don’t personally have a need for this but, if you do, this cannot do it so I wanted to mention.)
  • Only imports relevant statuses. Didn’t I just list this as a plus? Well, to me, it is a plus but I noticed a lot of people complaining about it as a minus. If you want it to import retweets and hashtagged posts, you are out of luck with this plugin. In the future, it would be great if the ability to filter was opt-in but, of now, the app filters whether you like it or not.