I need to vent a little about my boss. She’s just such a slave driver!

She overworks me like crazy and when I finish a big project or meet my goals, she just gives me the next assignment without so much as a pat on the back. It’s demoralizing!

And time off? Pfft! I work nights, weekends, I work while on vacation. I always work through lunch and sometimes breakfast too. Dinner is the only meal I don’t eat at my desk. I’m eating at my desk as I write this right now (oatmeal, if you must know).

I was up past 2 am working last night and that’s one of my earlier evenings this month. We start the work day early, end it late.

She dangles these carrots in front of me like “you can play a video game or read a book once you finish this” but then, when I finish it, we just move onto the next piece of work. Ugh! All this false hope is bad for my system.

She’s always volunteering me for more work when I clearly already have enough on my plate. She’s worked me into a major hand injury, beats me up over the tiniest mistakes and expects me to do all the work with no help!

She comes into my office and messes up my desk. She wears my clothes, hangs out with my friends and is always touching with my stuff so I can’t find it when I need it. She’s sleeping with my husband!


OK and sometimes we have some fun. We crank up music while we work and rock out and I enjoy that, I guess. And I really like the work so I suppose that most of the time I don’t mind if we do some extra hours, within reason, but I just don’t seem to be able to say no to her or stop for the day.

And the work we do is not only good, we get a TON done. She’s always saying that’s why she works me so hard, because it lets us stay ahead of everyone else and gets more done. So I understand her reasons, even if I can’t stand her sometimes.

But sometimes she’s just such a bitch.

Oh well.

I’d quit but she’s me.