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Facebook recently introduced some new functionality for pages. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with this, you may be missing some fantastic marketing opportunities for getting more fans for your business page. Let me give you a few quick suggestions for how to use these new features to your marketing advantage.

  • Get your page engaged in the conversation. One of the coolest new features of the new Facebook pages is that you can now effectively sign in as your page instead of your normal Facebook profile. While using Facebook as your page, you can comment on other people’s pages, which is a very powerful promotion tool.
    Let me give you an example. Previously, if I wanted to join in the discussion happening on a page related to retro 80s toys, I had to do so with my private profile. Anyone who may have clicked my name after being interested in what I said in my comment was only going to be rewarded by my locked down private profile and would never find their way to my retro 80s toys related company. Now, instead, let’s say I comment on the same page as my company page. I gain brand recognition amongst my target demographic as people who are have a related interest in what I’m selling see my logo and my brand name as a part of that discussion and anyone who decides to click through to see my page sees a page relevant to their interests that they’re more likely to like. (The only trick to this is that you have to make sure to like any page you wish to comment on as your page before you comment. Liking it as your profile isn’t enough, you have to specifically like it, while using Facebook as your page as well.)
  • Take your page out to play on the rest of the Internet. One of the other great new features is that you now can comment on any website that has Facebook comments enabled as your profile or page. To the left of the comment button, you’ll see a message that tells you who you’re posting as (usually whatever name your profile is registered to). Clicking “change” will switch that sentence to a drop-down menu of all your Facebook pages. Simply pick the page you want to comment from and proceed with submission. This is a great way to build more traffic and likes while increasing your SEO footprint.
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  • Make your page a sharer. While Like buttons don’t have this functionality yet, most versions of the Facebook share button allow you to choose whether you would like to share the content you’re looking at from your profile or one of your Facebook pages. This makes it easier to keep your Facebook page active since, in most cases, posting interesting content that you find around the web is as simple as an extra click. This  is also great from the standpoint of your fans because it means more relevant and up to date posts from you.
    You know those little share links that appear under things others post on Facebook? You can also share any of those as your page. It may not seem like a big deal, after all, you could just manually post the links you see to your page, but the ability to use those share buttons makes it that much faster and easier to share relevant content on your page.

Have you a chance to play with the new Facebook pages functionality? What’s your favorite new feature?

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