There’s been a lot of tragedy lately between the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the floods all over the place, the recent tornadoes in the US and all the unrest in a lot of different places. It’s easy to get a little desensitized.

When I first set myself up on this site with the ability to sell my own advertising, one of the main reasons I did it was for cases like this: so I can auction it off for charity.

I already made my own donations but I’m like to kick it up a notch and raise at least another $50 with your help.

I know a lot of people are “giving” weary so I’m going to make you a deal. You donate $10 to the Red Cross and I’ll give you two primo Whine Seller advertising spots for less than the price of a single one. You’ll get 50,000 Banner Impressions in the header (which is, of course, the most prominent spot on the whole site) as well as the banner on the bottom of the site which will run until you hit 250 clicks (which will be a ludicrous number of impressions when all is said and done). You’ll get some nice advertising for your store, blog, podcast, Twitter account… whatever and also help to raise some money.

I set one up as an auction because I wasn’t thinking and the other 4 as Buy It Nows. I’m willing to sell up to 5 of this specific deal (more and I think it would be too many ads running at once) but, if there is still interest, I have other ad blocks that I can sell as well. If you’d specifically rather a different ad package, let me know! I’m happy to make a custom one.

I really appreciate your bids on this one.

Thank you, as always for reading. You guys are fantastic and never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness!