Just a super quick programming note:

Weekly from the source e-commerce news digests are dead.

You know the digest posts that would go up every weekend with the headlines from all the sites I usually blog about? They are no more. I’ve been toying with ending them for a while but every time I went to actually do it, it seemed like there was an uptick in people sharing them so I’d sort of scratch my head and say, gosh, I guess people like them after all and keep them. But the nail in the coffin was that they conflict with a new plugin I’m using and so I had to give them up.

Long live from the source e-commerce news digests!

BUT if you found it useful to get a digest of all your e-commerce in one place, I’ve moved that same content over to a Whine Seller Twitter feed that I created for that very purpose. My goal for that account is to just have the e-commerce content people care about without all the chatter you also get on my account. I’m going to play with it so, please, feel free to give me your feedback on it as it evolves.