What kind of items can a Selling Assistant sell?

A Selling Assistant can take on any items that can be legally bought and sold. The items you’ll encounter most frequently are home goods, toys and clothing from individuals and families looking for a little extra cash or to free up some space. You’ll also find a lot of clients with collectibles and antiques. While most of the items that come your way will fit into these basic categories, there is a wide variety of items clients will offer up for Selling Assistance.

But while a Selling Assistant can sell just about anything, what you may choose to sell is another matter. Selling Assistants can and should refuse items they either don’t think are worth their time or that they don’t feel comfortable selling. A Selling Assistant that focuses on a specific niche or area of expertise can often have more success than someone who will consign just about anything. However, limiting the type of items you sell can also limit your profit potential. Knowing what items to take on and what to refuse is one of the seemingly small details that can make or break your service.