I’ve gone and done the one thing I said I would never do and I’m terrified it’s going to backfire on me. I had to offer Amazon exclusivity on Sell Their Stuff for a few months for reasons we’ll discuss in a future post but that exclusivity is up very soon and the paperback and eBook both should be available just about everywhere. Two of the perks of giving Amazon exclusivity is the ability to do a Countdown Deal (which I did around Christmas) and the other is to do a free book promotion. I have specifically said, multiple times, that would never do a free book promotion for Sell Their Stuff.

Sell Their StuffWhile I sometimes give away my plays and fiction for various reasons, I almost never give away my e-commerce books. The reasons is pretty darn simple. I’m still building a fiction career and don’t mind giving the occasional book away to get future buyers but e-commerce is my actual day job. I need those books to make an income in order to live. I can’t afford to give them away.

And yet, Sell Their Stuff is free on Amazon right now.

Why? Because, frankly, while I tremendously appreciate the emails and praise readers have sent me about the book privately, there are very few public reviews posted and none on Amazon itself. Non-authors may not realize the extent that Amazon reviews can make or break a book and the book is getting killed without any reviews.  I’m taking the gamble that if I give enough copies away the law of averages will work in my favor and at least some of those people will leave a review as a thanks for the free copy.

I’m also hoping the free book promotion will mean a higher sales rank and therefore increased exposure for the book on Amazon overall as we move into the wide release. It’s a gamble but it’s one I think I’ve got to take… But I could sure use your help!

If you’ve already got a copy of the book, first of all, thank you! If you could please leave a review of the book on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, a sentence or two is fine and will make a massive difference!

If you don’t already have a copy from Amazon, go grab one now, even if you already have a copy from somewhere else or the paperback, because it will help out the sales rank. Also, please consider sharing the news of this free book promotion to your networks. I won’t be able to do a promotion like this ever again once the book is in wide release so it’s a now or never scenario if you want the book for free.

Keep in mind that the free copy from Kindle can be read on any phone, tablet, or computer with the free app so, no matter what you have, you’ve got something that can read it.

To give the book a boost during this promotion, it’s going to be nothing but STS excerpts until Friday. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week.