Some great news out of eBay today. One of the changes they recently made that not only got the most sellers upset but also made the least sense to me personally has been repealed. As per this post by Lorrie Norrington:

Effective late August, neutral feedback no longer counts in your feedback percentages. What’s the big deal about this, you may ask? Well, previously, neutral feedback was counting the same as a negative in your feedback percentage. Not having it count at all is a huge step in a good direction.

The other big announcement that she shared was basically a revamp of the feedback retraction process.

This is great for sellers especially since negative feedback does more damage than ever before and now sellers have a chance to make things right even after negative feedback.

This is great for buyers because it means that sellers will be both more willing and more able to work issues out with you because of this process.

Good news all around! It’s great to hear that eBay is listening to its members.