Let’s talk about Fixed Price GTC (or Fixed Price 30 for you hip kids) and Store Inventory listings, shall we?

  • Both are no-bidding, set price listings formats.
  • Both can have Best Offer.
  • Both can be set to GTC meaning they automatically relist every 30 days until you manually cancel them.

But they aren’t exactly the same. Store Inventory listing fees and end of auction fees are lower than Fixed Price in most cases and Fixed Price listings show in normal search results while Store Inventory do not.

But from a bookkeeping standpoint, they work very similarly so why the heck can’t I. . .

  • send an unsold auction to a Fixed Price listing with one click like I can send it to Store Inventory?
  • send a Fixed Price listing to an auction with one click like I can do with Store Inventory?
  • send one of a multiple item Fixed Price listing to auction like I can with Store Inventory?
  • do any of the actions above in bulk from MyeBay like I can for Store Inventory?

I have to admit, this makes no sense to me. The listing and end of auctions fees are almost always *higher* for Fixed Price GTC. Wouldn’t eBay want me to list something as Fixed Price over Store Inventory so they make more money from me? If I just had 100 auctions end without buyers, I’m going to be lazy and relist those items as Store Inventory now because I can do that with one button in MyeBay. But at 3 cents each, eBay’s only getting $3 from me on that move when they could be getting 35 cents each for $35 total fees from me if they let me send those items to Fixed Price. I would rather be listings them as Fixed Price where they will sell faster but I’m not always willing to do extra work to make that happen. So eBay gets $3 instead of $35 out of me because they have stupidly refused to give me this simple little ability.

These two formats are so very similar, this one little difference makes no sense to me at all.