We have already discussed the fact that Half.com listings now show in eBay search results. This change happened over 7 months ago so, like me, you probably opted your Half.com listings into eBay results and forgot about it, trusting they were still showing. Well, better take another look and make sure those listings are still there!

With the recent eBay return policy requirement, many Half.com sellers who were previously eligible for their items to show on eBay have since been dropped out. Getting back into eBay search results is a simple process, just go into your Half.com account and specify your return policy under eBay options, but if you don’t go and manually do that, your listings will not show until you do.

Gee, eBay or Half.com, you couldn’t have given us a quick heads up on this?

Here is a screenshot to help you along with making this change. Just make sure all three green check marks are there or your Half.com items will not be showing on eBay.