So my friend’s status on Facebook currently reads:

“DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING ON EBAY. Those people cant be trusted! no offense hillary”

Yeah, I’m sorry but I’m still gonna take offense. I like this person very much and I know she probably just posted this out of a knee jerk reaction without thinking it through because she was upset. I understand that and I’m not trying to pick on her. But comments like this are beyond preposterous.

I once had really bad service at a TGI Fridays. I’m not saying “OMG, you guys, never got to a restaurant! You can’t trust restaurants, never go to any of them, they all suck!!!!”

I once bought a book I didn’t enjoy, but I’m not sitting down and yelling in the middle of a Barnes and Nobel: “Never buy a book, OMG all books are horrible.”


So, you had one bad experience with one single solitary seller and you are telling people to boycott an entire platform of thousands and thousands of people. You say “Never buy anything on eBay” and “those people can’t be trusted” and you don’t want me to take offense? How can I not take offense? You just told people to never buy anything from me and that I cannot be trusted because a random other person whose only relation to me is that she uses the same selling platform did something you didn’t like. So all the thousands and thousands of others of us offering fantastic service all have to suffer because of one person. I’m supposed to view this as…what exactly?

If you had a bad experience with a single seller, call our her and her business. It isn’t fair to make thousands of people suffer for the crappy service of a single person.

This may have ruined my day. I need to go punch something.

Anyone who wants to join in on this bitch fest, please do so below…