There’s something I’ve wanted to do on this blog for absolutely ages and I’m finally activating it this week. Starting this Saturday morning, there will be a weekly digest post of announcements, updates, and news aggregated directly from the source… ie the sites I always blog about. I try to write about as many things as I can but there’s sometimes so much stuff happening, I thought this would be a simple way to make sure that I don’t miss mentioning anything and we all stay informed.

This digest will be a simple list of headlines and links with a brief (300 words or less) preview of the article so that you can decide if you want to read the rest or not.

This weekly digest should be an easy way to skim all the news related to selling online or social networking from the past week at a glance instead of having to read the whole thing unless you want to click through. If you really hate it, well, it’s only one post buried on a Saturday morning when most of you are sleeping in so it shouldn’t be too annoying. I’m hoping it will be more helpful than hateful but if it really bothers you, just let me know!

Full disclosure: I expect it to be a mess the first few times I post it until I figure out what I’m doing. This is partly why I’m doing it now, when there are less readers on the site because of the holidays. I’ll also be playing with which news sources I include so please feel free to share your feedback if you think I’m missing something or including something I shouldn’t be.

Since I don’t usually blog on Saturdays, it should be some nice extra content when it’d otherwise be dark over here. But I just wanted to give you a heads up in case something very strange posts next Saturday when I try it out for the first time so you’ll know what I was trying to do. I may break the entire site. I do that sometimes. 😉

My husband is off this week so I’m trying to do only the bare minimum of work so we’re both on a little staycation. That means that, barring someone or something ticking me off, this is me signing off the blog for 2011. Thanks for sticking with me for another year and I bid you all a wonderful holiday season and shall see you in the new year!