English: Wine cellar in Chvalovice near Znojmo.

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If you’ve ever heard me on eBay Radio or any other podcast or radio show, you’ll notice that I’m obsessive about spelling the name of this blog. That’s because I’m afraid people will think this site is called The Wine Cellar or any other combination of Wine, Whine, Cellar and Seller and not be able to find this site. I know there’s a popular eBay message board thread called The Whine Cellar but I didn’t hear about it until long after I started this site. Now I can’t help but wonder if I get confused with that too.

But this may also just be paranoia. So I wanted to ask… when you first heard about this site, did it take you a couple of tries to realize I was going for the double pun and find it? Or did you come across this site via a link somewhere and never thought about it? What combination of words did you Google to get here? Are you sitting there right now going, wait… the name of this site is a pun?

I’m also always amused when people talk about my site in my hearing and have apparently never noticed either pun. I’m not sure if this means The Whine Seller is a good name for a blog or a terrible one. It’s irrelevant, I’m not changing it at this point, but I think I would have gone with something different if I had thought about it more. It is a real pain in the neck to keep spelling it over and over.

I guess I’m just wondering how much traffic I lose because of spelling and puns.

Anyway… am I over-thinking this? Or am I just writing this post to link bait people Googling for the wrong spelling?

Frankly, even I don’t know at this point!