What is it? Lexity (recently acquired by Yahoo) is a suite of apps for your current webstore or marketplace. The a la carte marketing options range from social networking tools to easy placement in shopping comparison sites while other apps offer analyse of your current traffic, social engagement, sales and customers. Choose as many or as few apps as your business needs as each has their own monthly subscription fees.

Cost? While one or two apps are free or have a free plan or trail available, most require a monthly fee starting at anywhere from $9 to $99 a month.

Works with just about every webstore or marketplace you’ve heard of… except eBay or Amazon, though it does with with eBay’s Prostores and Amazon Webstore. From marketplaces like Etsy and  Bonanza to open source solutions like WordPress, Zen Cart and Prestashop, it has most of the big ones covered. And while it doesn’t list eBay as an option, several of the apps seem adaptable to selling there anyway. See the complete list of compatible platforms at the base of this post.

My review: I haven’t used any of these apps personally, though I’m eager to try a few down the road. There’s some great features on offer including desirable add-ons such as Customer Service Live Chat and premium placement in shopping comparison sites and also some features they’re charging for that you can get for free elsewhere including some of their social networking tools. Having a wide variety of apps all in one location that you know will work with most platforms is a big selling point, especially since it’s now backed by Yahoo and shouldn’t (in theory anyway) go out of business overnight. Biggest question to ask yourself here is, does the a la carte pricing style save you money because you’re only paying for what you need or, if you need multiple apps to do what you want, might a package deal elsewhere be the better option?

Many of these services look  too expensive to me for what they do but I say that without having done much comparison shopping. Why is there no discount for subscribing to multiple apps? That seems an odd omission.

Their Lexity Live shop analyse app is free, though, so it’s worth giving them a try even if just to poke around.

Have you used any of the Lexity suite of apps? With what platform? We’d love to hear your personal experiences in the comments below!

Full list of supported platforms: