Let’s say you’ve got a sale going on in your store. It’s only timely for a limited time and you want to get the word out to as many people as possible. What many sellers do is take a message like “Sale this week!” and share it endlessly across their social networks and on their blog… almost exactly the same every time. Not only do your potential buyers tune that out, if you’re just saying the exact same thing the same way, it isn’t going to work any better on repetition.

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You don’t want to sound like a broken record.

Don’t repeat. Restate. Promote better by approaching the same content from different angles.

You don’t just want different messages for each demographic you’re targeting. You also want to vary your message even when you’re still talking to the same group.

If you have something that you want to sell that is especially timely, obviously you want to get your message out as many times as possible in a short time. But instead of just saying the same exact thing over and over again (“Buy our book!”), think about how you could promote the same product from a variety of different angles to cast the widest marketing net possible. That person who tuned out one message may connect to that content when you present it in a different way.

Better yet, make sure your marketing posts have readability and value beyond just the marketing plug. Most people will tolerate a little promotion if they are getting something from the article itself and an article that is useful will be shared and retweeted based on its own merits, spreading your marketing message even farther. The best marketing post is one that doesn’t seem like it’s marketing anything, it looks just like an informative or entertaining blog post.

(I did a week long example of this back in 2011 where I promoted the same sale 5 different ways across three blogs to demonstrate exactly this strategy. Be sure to click all the links in the third paragraph to see all the examples and don’t miss the fact that that blog post itself is the fifth example because I’m sneaky like that. And, yes, this post is a reworking of that original post to fit into the new series.)