Buyer: Does this item come with its original box?
Me: No.
Buyer: Oh my god!!! You’re running a SCAM! You sold me this item under false pretenses!
Me: …?
Buyer: When you listed it in the category of collectibles, I assumed it came with the original box because everyone who collects things keeps the box and now you tell me that it doesn’t come with the box, I’m so mad you tricked me into buying this item!
Me: Um, OK. Well just FYI, the item description lists this item as loose and doesn’t say anything about it coming in a box. Usually a seller will mention something like that in the description or show it in the pictures if the box is included.
Buyer: You have to release me from my obligations to this item right now!
Me: OK, no problem. I’ll alert eBay that we are going to cancel the transaction and then you’ll just need to confirm with them that you have changed your mind about the item and we’ll be all set.
Buyer: OK but you you have to do it right away!! *freaks out*
Me: *trying to file claim* Uh, according to eBay you have neither purchased nor bid on this item. For that matter, you haven’t purchased or bid on any of my items. So there I can’t cancel a transaction if there never was one.
Buyer: OK, Sweet! LOL Merry Christmas!
Me: *headdesk*