Let me show you a screen shot of one of my items today (12/12/2010). I’m having a sale and the Buy It Now button on all of the items on sale looks like this:

Only one day left in the sale, eh? I better buy that item right now before the sale is over and the price goes back up and… oh wait…

The sale ends on the 22nd. There are actually 10 days left in the sale, not one.

This is one case where I have mixed feelings about eBay misleading my buyers. They are basically creating a false sense of hysteria by saying the sale is over earlier than it really is which would probably make buyers more inclined to buy if they think they have less time. But will there be backlash when buyers find out they really had much more time?

If you want to see this in action (until they fix it, obviously) you can look at our items on sale here.

What do you think? A good thing for sellers in a roundabout way? Would you be ticked if you were a buyer and got false info about when a sale was really over?