What exactly does a Selling Assistant do?

Selling Assistants perform all of the tasks associated with selling an item for a client for compensation.

Selling Assistants connect with potential customers either by reaching out to clients themselves or because their marketing drew the clients to them. If the client has items the Selling Assistant is willing to sell, they enter into a contract to do so. Once under a contract, the SA will usually do all of the following for their client’s items: clean, research, photograph, write listing text, answer questions during the listing, collect buyer payment upon sale, pack and ship the items, and deal with end-of-sale issues such as returns or other buyer issues. Once the items have sold, the SA subsequently passes any revenue on to the owner less their fee or commission.

I said exactly. What’s a typical day like?

There is no such thing as a typical day as a Selling Assistant. What your day is exactly like is completely up to you and how you’ve designed your service. That’s the beauty of it!