On of my most popular posts on this site was this one where I went over how to send your Facebook status to Twitter. Well, Facebook changed the way their site works and suddenly, the method I prescribed didn’t work anymore.

SocialToo offers a solution though I it is inelegant and doesn’t work as well as the old version, it does at least give a temporary solution.


  • What SocialToo promises is misleading. While it does allow you to post something to Facebook that, in turn, posts to Twitter, it does not post this message as your status. So, after updating, you have a new post on your wall but your status has not changed.
  • Unlike the old method which used to just automatically pull your status and it would pop it onto Twitter, you need to select the option to use SocialToo from a drop down so it takes a bit longer.


  • Lets you just post to one place (Facebook) and have it show on Twitter as well.
  • Allows you to send only updates you specify to Twitter instead of all of them which you may find useful.

How to set it up:

  1. Go to the SocialToo Application on Facebook and add it. You’ll need to OK several different permissions on the way.
  2. After you have given all possible permissions, you can go to your profile page. From the status box, select SocialToo from the dropbox and then select SocialToo Status
  3. If this is the first time you are setting this up, you’ll also need to give permission to Twitter (which will redirect you to the secure Twitter login).
  4. Once this has been set up, anytime you wish to post something to both Facebook and Twitter, be sure to repeat Step 2 above before you post your message. Then, when you post it, while it will not update your status, it will post a message to both your Facebook wall and your Twitter account. 

So if, after setting everything up, I wanted to post something to both, it would look like this:

Just make sure to check off the Twitter option before you post and viola!