In today’s guest post, we’re looking into the history and trivia and everyone’s problematic fav, the ultimate e-commerce elephant in every room, Amazon.

-The Whine Seller

Amazon’s Basic History

  • When Amazon first launched in July 1994, Jeff Bezos already had a vision for its domination in the ecommerce market. Although it only began as a bookseller, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. From the very beginning, he intended to make Amazon an ‘everything’ solution for consumers and, at the moment, it is certainly heading in that direction.
  • Something which has helped Amazon’s growth immensely is the number of amazing offers, deals, and discounts that are always available on the website. Most consumers now check it before they purchase a product, just to see if they can get it cheaper.
  • From selling books to delivering packages by drone, Amazon has come a very long way in just under 25 years. There are a lot of incredible facts about this ecommerce giant, and here are some of our favourites.
  • In the very early days, Bezos held team meetings at local Barnes & Noble store. This is ironic, because the company would later go on to sue Amazon for claiming to be the world’s largest bookseller.
  • In Amazon’s early days, a bell would ring each time an order was made. Each time the bell rang, everyone would gather round to see if they knew the customer.
  • Amazon tried to build its own website to rival eBay when eBay came about, but it flopped.
  • Customers can directly email Bezos and he will then forward this message along to the right person, adding but a simple question mark to it. When employees get this dreaded email, they do everything possible to rectify the problem.

Want to learn more about the incredible history of Amazon and some interesting facts? Check out the infographic below, where you can find out about all this and much more.