InRevTwitlin (BETA) Terrible name for a site. But a really great service.

I have complained about the new Twitter follow limits before. To recap, Twitter limits how many people you can follow based on how many people are following you. This wouldn’t be terrible if it weren’t for the fact that the follow to follower ratio are really close together so you can be within a hundred followers and still be cut off.

But I digress. The best tool I have found for handling this issue is InRev Twitln. This online tool lets you bulk manage your followers in ways that other tools are missing. The biggest downside to this tool is that they are not set-up with Twitter’s API so you have to give them your Twitter password which I don’t love. However, if you are willing to overlook this, they have some powerful tools.

The three tools they provide are:

  • Flush: This powerful tool is easily the most useful in helping with Twitter limits. It gives you a list of everyone who is not following you. You have the option to select all and Flush them (unfollow) all in one step. However, if you are like me and like to follow some people even if they aren’t following me, you also get their icons, names and usernames so you can decide manually who to unfollow and who to keep. It is a very easy and fast way to quickly get rid of the dead weight in your follower list without losing the people you still want to follow. Other services give you the option to automatically unfollow people who aren’t following you but this lets you may the choice person by person or in bulk, whichever your needs. The only flaw with it is that, if you have a large number of people that you are following, it may take many refreashes before you actually see them all.
  • Grow: This tool, in my opinion, is the least useful. It allows you to bulk follow people but doesn’t allow for any keyword sorting so you aren’t getting people related to your interests.
  • Reciprocate: A simple list of everyone who is following you that you are not following back that let’s you bulk follow all in one shot.  If you only recently set up auto-following, this is a helpful way to get everyone you missed from before you turned that feature on.
  • Users most likely to follow you back: The Home view of this tool is this list. It could be useful if trying to get just your follower numbers up, however, this list seems to be pretty useless. It isn’t sorted by keyword or anything so it seems like just a very random list of people.

Some great tools with others that need more work, this is the first tool that has really enabled me to reduce the dead weight from my followers list quickly and efficiently.