I don’t usually post on site updates but I think this warrants a quick update/apology on my part.

Since Mary 21st, the site has been a bit busted. As of today, it should be fixed but if you run into additional issues, please let me know.

I realized that my RSS feed wasn’t working a week or so ago and tried to fix it. What I didn’t realize is that my “fix” caused the RSS feed to truncate for subscribers, meaning you only get the first few sentences in text only format instead of the whole post in HTML. I lost subscribers over this and I want to stress that this was an issue I wasn’t even aware of until today. I know some sites intentionally truncate their RSS feeds to make you visit the site and while I understand where those people come from, I would never knowingly do that. To me, if you care enough to subscribe to this blog and read every single thing I post, you should be able to get the whole thing in your RSS reader or via email (depending on which you subscribe to this site with) for your convenience. So if you left the RSS because you thought I was intentionally blocking most of the posts, let me assure you it was a plain old mistake and to humbly ask you to consider resubscribing (either via email or RSS) here.

It took me a little over 4 hours this morning but I managed to fix everything and the RSS should be displaying the full text and HTML of all posts again. Of course, as soon as I fixed it, it blasted out every post since May 21st onto Twitter and Facebook which I’m sure my followers didn’t appreciate one bit but at least it is working.

The culprit was actually a single post with a few forbidden characters that clogged up the entire works. It’s funny, in a way. I assumed it was something huge and was thinking along the lines of it being an issue with my whole WordPress install, a plugin, or my hosting itself and really it was just a single post.

So everything should be resolved. I say “should” because you can never be sure, though, so if you run into any issues with anything on the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Very sorry again for the trouble and thank you for reading! I really appreciate your continued interest. 🙂