godaddy online bookkeepingGoDaddy Online Bookkeeping (formerly Outright) is web-based accounting software with a variety of paid plans. It can be used as a standalone bookkeeping system but also integrates easily right into partners like eBay, Etsy, and PayPal to automatically import all sales and fees. Back when they used to offer a free plan, I used their eBay and PayPal import alongside Quickbooks, and it gave me a clearer picture of my income and expenses on that marketplace than eBay would give me alone. The fact that it’s online can be handy if you use multiple computers or mobile devices, as you’ll always have access to your records no matter where you are.

It was a mess in the beginning but it was getting better.  By the end, it was a decent free option for financial software and I could see someone with a smaller business using it to replace traditional accounting software.

But as a paid plan, I just can’t see the value. They’re currently charging $9.99 a month, only $3 less a month than Quickbooks Online Simple Start which is much more powerful and has many more features but costs more than their Independent Contractors level which is likely more applicable to most eBay sellers.  Unless they’ve added a ton of new features since moving to paid, it just doesn’t make sense to go with them over some of the more powerful tools out there.

As for eBay financials, I’ve already moved on to SumAll, a free option that integrates nicely with eBay. I input the data from that into the desktop version of Quickbooks that I’ve been using for years. (Digression: How I miss good old eBay Accounting Assistant that used to import everything right into Quickbooks!)

What do you think? For those that took the plunge and stayed with GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping once they moved to paid, what do you think? Worth it?

What other eBay financial programs do you like right now?