Lulu just sent out the following email earlier today:

Dear Lulu Art Creator,

We appreciate your patronage of our Framed Art &/or Poster products. Unfortunately, these products are being phased out at Lulu.

Beginning the first week in February, you will no longer be able to create new Framed Art or Poster projects. For the following 90 days you will still be able to purchase these projects. When the 3 month period has expired, Framed Art and Poster Art projects will no longer be available in any capacity on You will, however, still have the option of selling your images as a digital file in the Lulu Marketplace.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We value your creative spirit at Lulu and hope that you will continue to use our other products & services.

The Lulu Product Team

This annoucement isn’t really a big surprise on the heels of this interview with Bob Young.

I have never actually made a framed art purchase through Lulu though I always thought that it was a cool idea and wanted to try it someday. Did any of you ever get to try it? Was it a worthwhile product?