You know me, I love a good spam message. Let’s look at today’s entry:

My name is Emma, I was referred over to your company by a blogger that wrote a Book review about one of your books. Does your company offer books to many bloggers to review?

I am just blown away by the research you did before contacting me, Emma. I started swooning when you referred to it as “your company” but then when you busted out such amazing specifics as “a blogger” and “one of your books” I knew I was dealing with a true professional.

But as endearing as Emma’s vague pitch was, I was going to pass when I accidentally clicked on the link and saw this.



The categories seem so normal apart from one entry that really sort of jumps out at you. I refer, of course, to the one where they are selling Mommy. As you can tell from the other products below, it’s a train wreck of a site, but I will confess to having been totally freaked out when I saw that item on the list. I felt like the site was talking to me or something, pleading for it’s mother. Or maybe I’m just slowly descending into madness. Your call.

I think someone should probably buy me some of that “You Are Talented” tea because it would really help me give me the confidence to get through the final stretch of this play revision I’m in the middle of…